Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Flippin' Finger

"The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil, because it isn't angry enough."

-Bede Jarrett

Bother! I mean really, no one knows how to hurt themselves the way I do. LOL. Emotionally, physically, it's all good. LOL. Okay, so here's what happened. As you probably know, Alan doesn't like for me to watch the evening news while I eat dinner. We have learned that stress does bad things to my diabetes, and he worries about me, especially since the news sometimes infuriates me, and I get a little, well, emotional. He usually takes my tantrums with a grain of salt, and then there are times when he absolutely agrees with me and joins me in one or two conversations regarding current events, which usually calms me down, and to be fair, sometimes he gets a little passionate as well, especially when it comes to whatever stupid, embarrassing thing George Bush has done next. But last night, well, the emotions were all mine.

I was in the kitchen making dinner. Since Alan has been home on vacation, we have been experimenting with some new recipes we have always wanted to try, and last night it was Vegetable Beef Soup. I was cutting up some leftover pot roast to put into the soup, as ABC World News Tonight reported a story about how the military is having a difficult time recruiting chaplains. I can't believe just how very badly this country has treated it's military, particularly with George Bush in office. I see all these nifty little signs here and there with the slogan, "Support The Troops," which is a call to encourage America at large to to be supportive of their mission, regardless of what it is, and yet the very government that sent America's finest young men and women to war, has let them down at every turn. Everything from body armor... to military chaplains... to proper health care upon their return. It's shameful.

So, as I watched the report, I got madder and madder... and at one point, my emotion really just turned for anger to sorrow. The Bush administration loves to toss about the idea that we must support the troops or risk empowering our enemies. To not support the troops would send the "wrong message." And then they turn right around and justify the shabby way they have treated our own military. By now you know the laundry list of offenses, I won't go into that, but needless to say as my sorrow grew, my attention span waned, and quicker then you can say, "Cheney is an ASS," I cut my finger with a very sharp knife.

I can laugh now, but at the time I really thought I had done myself in. LOL. Blood squirted large and high. It kind of looked a little like that one comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live, where Dan Ackroyd, as Julia Child, cut his hand during a cooking demonstration, and suddenly there is five minutes of deep red blood squirting to infinity and beyond. Funny because of it's exaggeration. That couldn't really happen... could it? Yep, it can! I was watching the blood squirting up to the ceiling, and before I knew it, a long string of thinly masked obscenities came out of my mouth. "*&@@!!^&&**!!!"... and followed by "and the horse he tried to ride in on! The little jerk!" LOL. I knew as soon as those words came from from my mouth, Alan would be coming in to check on me. I hadn't even noticed at that point, that it wasn't any old finger I had just sliced open, it was my "flippin' finger." LOL. Although kind of appropriate I suppose.

Well, just so you know, we got the bleeding under control, so I am pretty sure no stitches are needed, and dinner was wonderful, as was the company. Alan didn't even lecture me about the "Bush Free Zone" agreement we had made, but he did laugh when he realized I had been wounded in the pointer. LOL. He put an Elmo bandage on my boo-boo and we moved on, but I think I have learned my lesson this time. No more evening news, news magazines or YouTube political follies during the dinner hour. Nope. Not me. Nope. I am kind of fond of my appendages. :) Live and learn... right?

"When angry count to four; when very angry... Swear."

-Mark Twain

Somebody's Got To Be There And Tell Them It's OK

Berkeley, California
October 16th, 2007
Late Afternoon


Anonymous said...

dear Carly,
Say I hope that your finger is much better now! yes?
love ya!

MyMaracas said...

Ow! Sorry about your finger there, Carly.

I share your anger with all things Bushie, so I can understand how one could get carried away with a knife in one's hand.

I was especially shocked by the recent news story about the National Guard unit that had spent the most time of all in Iraq -- 22 months -- only to be reassigned ONE DAY short of the time required to qualify for army veterans' education and health benefits. Where's the support for them, huh?

Sad. Sad and shameful.