Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 13 Diabetic Days Of Halloween

"When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween."


As of tomorrow, there are just 13 more days until my favorite holiday, Halloween. I am having so much fun with it this year, I am making some special nibbles for Alan and I to enjoy on the holiday. We have costumes all ready to go, and I have been working on the Elvis's costume, so it will fit just right. Today, we are spending the day on a photo jaunt in Pacific Grove. There is a lot of beauty there, especially in autumn. Hopefully, it will be warm enough today for the Monarch butterflies to be out playing. You usually can't see them if the temperature is under 55 degrees, so I am crossing my fingers for a warm day.

Later this week, I am going to do some entries featuring some autumn recipes I am creating, so I hope you will visit Ellipsis on those days, and give me some feedback. One word of warning however, they will be diabetic friendly recipes, but don't let that put you off, I am finding diabetic recipes not only delicious, but sometimes downright decadent. It's amazing how much I assumed about being a diabetic. I was wrong at almost every turn. From what I have been reading, this is the best time ever to find out I have diabetes. There are a lot of resources available, so that I won't miss out on anything during the holiday season. So, for the next 13 days, I will be celebrating the "13 Diabetic Days Of Halloween," including our next Round Robin Challenge, this Saturday, the theme of which will be, "Shadowland." So, let the fun begin! :)

Note: My pal Vicki has written a wonderful entry on her blog, "Maraca" which has some great links, and some information about a favorite spice used for cooking this time of year, cinnamon. Be sure to drop by her place and have a look see. :)

Sugar and Spice - Maraca

"Autumn Friends"
Lemo's Pumpkin Farm
Half Moon Bay, California
October 9th, 2007


DesLily said...

can't wait to see Elvis's costume!.. i so love his pumpkin one lol

MyMaracas said...

Elvis lets you dress him up? I'd need tranquilizer darts and duct tape to get a costume on Gatsby. Not that I haven't considered it.

Thanks so much for the link love, m'dear. I'm looking forward to your "13 Days" entries!