Friday, August 10, 2007

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #178: Cool Places

"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer."

-Albert Camus

Weekend Assignment #178: It's hot. Everywhere. Really hot. Counteract it with a cool and refreshing photo or story. Yes, we've done something like this before. And, if you recall, it worked. Also, it's easy and it's too hot to do anything complicated. So, lets do it again (just, you know, don't reuse stuff that you've already posted along this line before).

Extra Credit: Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, is one of my favorite places to go in the winter. We don't get snow very often in the Bay Area, and if we do, it rarely lasts longer than 24 hours, so if I want to see snow, we usually take a ride up to Tahoe. It's beautiful there in any season, but it is especially tranquil and lovely in winter. These photos were taken earlier this year, in March, just before spring. The sun and snow made everything kind of twinkle. It was so relaxing to sit next to the lake, and just take it all in. :) I am learning to really love winter, especially under the right conditions. :)

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they are happy."

-Anton Chekhov

Extra Credit: I would much rather be too cold, then too hot, but both come with their challenges. I don't tend to think straight if the weather is too warm, but with the winter, comes a good deal of pain in my joints from Fibromyalgia. Still, I enjoy snuggling with Elvis, under a big, cozy blanket, so I will take the winter. :)

" A Late Winter's Day In Tahoe"
North Lake Tahoe, Nevada
March, 2007


Tammie Jean said...

Wow, Lake Tahoe looks beautiful! I especially like the photo with the goose, and the one with showing all the colors below the surface of the water. Great quotes too!

Nancy said...

Oh what gorgeous shots, Carly! Wow.

Does the winter really make your fibro worse?? We are soon to move to a slightly colder climate!!