Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun In The August Sun

"Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going don't take anything too seriously, it'll all work out in the end."

-David Niven

The weather was perfect last Thursday, so Alan and I decided to go to Santa Cruz. It was a good day to spend relaxing at the beach, and relax we did. Have you ever taken a nap on the beach? It's a lot of fun to close your eyes, and hear nothing the but sound of fun happening all around you. Ahhhhhhhhh... that's the stuff! After a bit of a snooze, we enjoyed a performance by the Moscow Circus. Combining comedy, romance, acrobatics, and performance art, the Moscow circus was an awesome little show. They played two 45-minute shows, one at noon and the other one at 3:00 pm. I hope they comeback to the boardwalk next year, I would love to see them again. :) It was a good day for a date.

You can read about the performers here.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Santa Cruz, California
August 9, 2007
Late Afternoon


MyMaracas said...

How fun! And what great shots. I love the cool places, too, especially the ripples on the water one. What are the blue things under the surface?

Nancy said...

Terrific and fun shots indeed! Makes me smile! :D

thanks for that...


kmm said...

Ah! roll on summer. Cheers Kerrin

Tammie Jean said...

What a fun group of photos! I love the "tree lady" balancing on the log. And yes, the beach is the best place for a nap :)