Thursday, August 09, 2007

Curious Carly Goes To The Surgeon, And The Surgeon Says...

"Health food may be good for the conscience, but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better."

-Robert Redford

So far, so good. I went to see the surgeon last Monday, and the news was a bit mixed. First of all, I will need to see two additional doctors. Sigh. I am ok, but I am just kind of going with the flow at this point. It seems I need to see a plastic surgeon, because of all the skin grafts I will need, after they remove my glands and lymph nodes. So, no surgery date is scheduled yet, and my next appointment, which will be with the new surgeon, will be at the end of August. It feels like things are being dragged out, but I think that is just me feeling anxious about everything in general. Over all, I am dealing just fine. I have stopped worrying about the actual surgery, it just doesn't seem productive at this point. Worrying is rarely productive I suppose, but it does have it's place. I am learning to let myself have the wiggins, for a day or two, but while I am in the worry mode, I also try to research the source of the fear. That always make me feel better. So, as far as the surgery goes, it is just a case of hurry up and wait... you know how that is. :)

I am doing well with my new eating habits as a diabetic. Too be honest, not a lot has changed for me. I always loved vegetables and fruits, and when I did have meat it was generally turkey or chicken. Although I will admit to having the occasional juicy hamburger obsession. LOL. I LOVE fast food. Sigh. That has been the biggest change in my diet, cutting the fast food runs, especially the late night ones. LOL. I am keeping a nutrition diary now, for keeping count of my total daily intake of calories, fats, sugars and carbohydrates. I am not really dieting, but rather eating with more awareness of what I am actually putting in my body, and making the food count for something. Take the lunch in the above photo, as an example...

1 Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken Breast (Sizzler) - 140 calories
1 Cup Broccoli pieces - 30 calories
3 Large Strawberries - 20 calories
1 tbs. Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce - 25 calories
1 Snack Pack Sugar-Free Chocolate pudding - 45 calories
1 10 oz Kern's Light Strawberry Banana Nectar - 45 calories

Total - 305 calories for lunch

And It was delicious. The chicken was from leftover from my dinner at Sizzler the night before, I added some Mrs. Dash to the broccoli, and then just took my time enjoying my lunch. :) But like I said, it wasn't a lot different from what I would have eaten anyway. :) Next Wednesday, August 15th, I have a class on diabetic basics, which also includes a whole hour devoted to nutrition. That is the class where I will also learn how to use my OneTouch Ultra meter. All I know right now is that I will be checking my blood sugar, three times a day, for the rest of my life. Ok, that part isn't so easy, and I am a little tender sometimes about it, but heck, life is a series of new challenges and opportunities, it's up to us what we do with them. Right? Frankly... I am considering myself a lucky girl for the chance to grow, and for the amazing support I have from Alan and Elvis. And who knows, maybe through this adventure, I will become a food photographer. Tee Hee. :)

"Lunch With Carly"
Berkeley, California
August 6th, 2007


Suzanne R said...

That looks delicious, Carly! And very healthful. I'll be thinking about you with the surgery coming up, although I'm not real clear yet on exactly what you are facing. May it be a situation that will greatly enhance the quality of your life after you have healed from it.

Peace said...

The food looks so good! Nice take!