Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Violets And Baby Fruits And Vegetables

"Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity."

-John Rushkin

Well, I got the blood test done yesterday, so now the next step is the appointment with the surgeon. That will be on August 6th. Sigh. I am not stressing about it as much as I was last week, but there is still a lot about it that has me wondering what I should do. Like the fact I am in my mid 40's now. I suppose it is a good idea to write things down for Alan. You know, in case something unexpectedly stupid happens. I know one thing, I would rather he knew for sure to pull the plug, as opposed to possibly having George Bush decide my fate.

That would be literally the LAST thing I would want. Sheesh. LOL. (Rolling my eyes). I am starting to see things in a more positive light, I can focus on the benefits of having the surgery, I just wish while they are in there, they could also remove my ingrown toenail, remove a weird mole I have on my back, lift up my tush ever so slightly, and make me taller. LOL. And oh yeah, by the time I have the surgery, I will need a touch up on my dye job. :)

I don't know. Sometimes things go wrong, and of course that would cross my mind, but most of the time, things go perfect. I have always believed the odds for everything are 50/50... either it will be ok, or it won't. The horse will win, or it won't, it will rain, or it won't, George Bush will say something stupid this week, or he won't, but don't we all know he will? Tee Hee. OK, so sometimes the odds are a little more in favor of something then not.But what's a girl to do? I know the attitude I take into surgery will directly affect how fast I heal. I will find my sense of humor, like I have many, times before. I will. I have learned to at least try to find the positive.

Take this summer for example. I HATE the summer, but this year I have been enjoying it, because I gave myself something to focus on other than how much I dislike the season. I have my flower garden, and Alan has the vegetable garden. We take turns doing the watering, if one of us is especially tired. I enjoying sharing the gardening duties with him, watching his vegetable plants begin to produce, and tonight he was making suggestions, for some special evening lighting for the flower garden next year. He thinks some colored solar lights my be pretty. Yeah... I can see that! :) There are very few situations in life that can't be made better, by searching for the positive aspects, rather then dwelling on the negative. But don't get me wrong about one thing... I still HATE 2007. LOL

Now... I must brag on Alan a bit. All babies are beautiful, even baby vegetables. :) He is doing an amazing job with the fruits and veggies he planted. They are going to be delicious when the harvest comes. :) We are also looking forward to eggplant, green beans, Lima beans, and pumpkins. :)

Baby Tomato

Baby Bell Pepper

Baby Zucchini

Baby Cantaloupe

"Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people."

-Elizabeth Berry

"Glistening Violets"
Berkeley, California
July 23, 2007
Early Evening

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Steven said...

The garden is looking good. I love cantaloupe but it's too wet here to grow an edible melon.

I'm glad you are in better spirits! The recovery time is a long one. Having recently nursed a family member through one, it's none too fun that. You'll be fine :-)

I know that too!