Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here A Host, There A Host, Everywhere A Host Host

"If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change."

-John A Simone Sr.

Once Upon A Time...

was on The View.

One day...

Had a fight with .

Suddenly, stormed away in a fit of... well... a fit.

And then there were 3.


was naughty. "45 days in the Hoosegow," said the judge.

"It's not fair", said . Sniff, sniff.


ate onion rings for the last time.

The Nation became infuriated... "Grrrr."

"I feel like I have wasted the last 10 years of my life!" said one angry fan.

And if all that wasn't melodramatic enough...

retires after 600 years of hosting The Price Is Right!

"Oh no," said the world.

"Who, could EVER replace?

"How about "said.

" ?" said the world in a gasp!

But wait...Who would replace on The View?

"How about ," said a caller to .

"Yes" said Barbara
"No" said Bill Gedde
"Yes" said Barbara
"No" said Bill Gedde

"I know!" said . How about...


And a new and improved gets her own reality show, "Paris Does The DMV."

All kidding aside, I could see Rosie O' Donnell hosting The Price is Right. Rosie O' Donnell is a lot of things, but mostly she is generous. She really does enjoy seeing folks happy. I think she would be a fine choice. Besides there aren't many female game show hosts, right now. I have always wondered why there haven't been, because look how good Meredith Vieira has been on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

As for Paris Hilton. Enough already. It's pretty damn easy to kick a person when they are down... isn't it? Here is the straight deal on the matter. She is indeed doing more time for that probation violation then most folks do. She is being treated differently because she is a celebrity. Shes being punished way more severe then the average person. It's the truth whether it wants to be admitted or not. I live in California, and I know this to be true. So, if her sentence for drunk driving didn't seem like enough initially, then stop whining about how unfair it is that a girl, who comes from an advantaged life is given probation, and put pressure on your political representatives to make tougher laws for drunk drivers, and demand those laws be enforced. It's my hope when she gets out of jail, folks will stop throwing those self-righteous stones her way. Remember... if you expect someone to fail, they probably won't let you down.

So tell me, what do you think about Rosie O' Donnell hosting "The Price Is Right?"



Chris said...

Rosie has said for years that she would love to host this show and has let everyone know over there, including Bob Barker, that if he ever retired, please consider her. She had even said this on her show when she was on the air all those years ago. So, am I surprised? No. I think she would be good at it and have a lot of fun. And there's no need for opionions over there, so she'll be fine. LOL

Patrick said...

You knew I'd have something to say on this one, didn't you? ;)

I think that the "happy" Rosie who did the talk show styled after the late, great Mike Douglas could have competently handled The Price is Right. I think "angry" Rosie who seemed to delight in being as loud and outrageous as possible would be terrible on 'Price.'

As Chris said, "...there's no need for opinions over there...." I don't think Rosie would necessarily get that, nor would she be willing to let the show be all about the contestants, not her.

That said, I agree that Merideth has done a fantastic job on 'Millionaire,' and she had a tough act to follow in Regis Philbin.

But there are lots of candidates who have been wanting to host 'Price' for years. I just don't see Rosie on that show unless she could really tone things down, and I just don't see her being so willing to do that.

My two cents... :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I suspect that all those little blank boxes in this entyr are supposed to have pictures in them. Darn that dial-up, but I get the gist.