Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beginning With A Blank Canvas

"Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.

-Mrs. C.W. Earle (Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden) 1897

Like I said in a previous entry... it's been a few years since I did much with my flower garden. I am basically starting all over with the corner of the garden. I like this area, because it is right inside my garden gate, and the ground is pretty good here. I have a rose bush against the fence, which was here when I moved in. The roses are nice, but they wouldn't have been what I would have chosen for this spot. I will prune it and by next autumn it will be in good shape again. I want to try and get it moving along the fence as a cover. We'll see. I am putting the new roses I bought the other day into medium sized containers on Sunday, and I am placing the campanula in-between each pot.

Last night, I made another trip to Home Depot to pickup some potting soil and decided to get a few more seeds while I was there. I saw some seeds that were specifically packaged to encourage hummingbirds and butterflies. It is your basic wildflower mix. Black-Eyed Susan, Painted Daisy, Alyssum, Purple Cornflower and some assorted others. I haven't decided if I want to try the large planter or if I want to place them directly in the ground and just let them spread. Again I might think on it for a couple days. I know for sure I am going to put the Cosmos and the California poppy in containers, but I might decide to extend the planting area so that whole side just comes alive with color.

If I do, I will probably get some decorative border rock or bricks. Or maybe some small picket fencing. That might be kinda cute. I want to see how the flowers do first. I suppose, in a way, this is an investment in next spring, but who knows, roses tend to bloom right into winter here in California, depending on the weather. :) What's nicer then roses in December?

Sunday afternoon is my day for gardening. I'm looking forward to that. Alan is working on his vegetable garden as well, then he is making dinner for us on the BBQ, so it should be a nice relaxing day together. He is excited about my renewed interest in my garden, he hasn't seen me really animated about it in a long time :)
This is going to be a good summer I think.

Hopefully, the Ethereal Musician will be home, and playing his sax on Sunday. I heard him for a few minutes today, he really loves the summer. There's lots of beautiful music here in the hills in summertime. It's hard not to think of him as a friend after all these years. He has brought a lot of smiles to Alan and I with his music. Maybe someday I will get to meet him, but for now I just think of him as a summer spirit. :) I'll post an entry on my gardening progress soon.

June 15, 2007
Late Afternoon

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Steven said...

Cosmos!Seeds look like a good butterfly attracting mix. Your roses look good :-)