Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Quizapalooza

"Most great me and women are not perfectly rounded in their personalities, but are instead people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it makes their faults seem insignificant."

-Charles A. Cerami

I love doing puzzles and quizzes. I have been enjoying the new FOX game show, "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" I can, with a good deal of certainty, admit that I am about a third as smart as a fifth grader. LOL. Well, actually, it depends on the questions, but I do know that if I were to appear on a game show, it would probably be, "Deal or No Deal." At least the odds would be more in my favor, either the million dollars would be in my case, or they wouldn't. Alan's favorite model on the show, Anya, holds case #10, so I would choose that case. Then I would ask if Anya could sit with Alan in the cheering section near the stage. Am I a cool wife or what? I figure he has had to put up with my undying love of David Duchovny all these years, so I owe him one. :) Do you play the odds in life, or do you believe everything is really 50/50? Either it will or it won't.

How about having some fun, take the following quizzes and then share your results in the comment thread for this entry. Just click the links below. Here is how I scored...

*What Famous Work Of Art Are You?

***You Are Best Described By***
Claude Monet's "Impression Sunrise"

*What Do Your Dreams Mean?

"Dream" By Pablo Picasso

Your dreams seem to show that you're very well adjusted and happy person.
Overall, you are very content in your life.
You tend to be a productive thinker.
Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.
You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

*What's The Part Of You No One Sees?

"Hidden Eye" By Vicky Brago-Mitchell

You are unique, witty, and even a little snobby.
You're quite proud of who you are, and nothing is going to change that.
You've paved your own way in life, and you've ended up where you want to be.

Underneath it all, you feel very isolated from the rest of the world.
It's hard to find people to relate to you on every level.
The mundane interests of your friends and family often bore or depress you.

Hmmmm.... maybe.

"If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every living creature."

-Bruce Barton

"Lunch With Andy"
Berkeley, California
September 9th, 2006

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