Monday, March 12, 2007

Time Changes Everything

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back."

-Harvey MacKay

I had the most difficult time, dealing with time today. Strange for me, in that the turning of the clock every six months has never effected me much no matter which way it went. I prefer the short days of autumn and winter, but in recent years, since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have appreciated the longer days, and the warmth of the sun. Although, I can live without those unbearably hot days like the ones the Bay Area suffered through last summer. 110 for this area is really too much! I sure wish every day, could be like the one I spent last week at Stowe Lake, in Golden Gate Park. It was a warm day in San Francisco, a nice 70 degrees or so. One thing to remember about San Francisco, if you ever come to visit, you should always have a sweater or light jacket handy, because the temperature will change, from district to district. 70 degrees in North Beach, is not the same as 70 degrees in the Financial district. You will need a sweater at Fort Point, but not necessarily in Golden Gate Park. It's weird... but I love it.

Anyway, about the time change. Maybe it's because the clocks were turned forward three weeks early this year, or maybe it is because I just didn't sleep that well last night, I don't know, I just didn't wake up feeling my best yesterday. It didn't help that the only clock I managed to change, was the one on my cell phone. It also didn't help that I fell asleep watching Simon & Simon on the Sleuth channel. LOL. That channel plays shows in a kind of loop. The same episode of Simon & Simon that was playing when I fell asleep, was also on three hours later when Elvis woke me up to play mousie with him. LOL. Glancing at the TV, and seeing the same episode playing, led me to believe that I had just gone to bed less than an hour earlier. Duh me. LOL. So, back to sleep I went, with Elvis curled into my knees, annoyed, but still by my side.

I slept kind of deep, until I had a dream about an old annoyance, I mean old boyfriend, who recently crossed my mind. Sigh. The creep! LOL. He wasn't really a creep, but he could be kind of stupid sometimes. He will even tell you that. LOL. So tell me, why is it, when I think of stupid people I have known, I still manage to remember them at their best, and miss them so much? I swear, my brain retains the strangest memories, and most trivial pieces of information, and I am NOT as smart as a 5th grader. LOL. Maybe that's why. Maybe I am actually the stupid one, although I will never tell him that! LOL.

Why do I fight change so much? It's not like the "same old, same old," is getting any more exciting. Oh well, I plan to spend some time this next week near water, maybe that will help. Lake Tahoe should be a little bit of paradise. If there is time, I might go all the way up to Carson City, Nevada. We'll see. The mermaid in me has her priorities, she needs to see the lake, touch the cold, clear, water on her fingertips, and that might just take up the whole day. :) Talk about change, the water in the lake is never the same, it changes by the second. Bodies of water, are the perfect representations of change, and yet I am drawn to it as if I really were a mermaid, never fearing it's change, in fact, I depend on it! Sigh... Go figure. At least the time changing three weeks earlier this year, gives me more time in the water.

"Stowe Lake"
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
March 8, 2007

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Suzanne R said...

It is interesting hearing how the early time change is affecting you, because it has impacted me more than I remember the later Spring changes doing. Maybe our internal clocks have been thrown off?