Monday, February 26, 2007

Four Seasons In One Day

"In those vernal seasons of the year, when the air is calm and pleasant, it were an injury and sullenness against nature not to go out and see her riches, and partake in her rejoicing with heaven and earth."

-John Milton

My friend Steven gave me a great suggestion this past week, for how to break out of the winter blahs. He suggested to me to "go out and find spring." It was a good idea, I knew it was a good idea, but I was wondering to myself, if I would even recognize it if I actually did find it. Sometimes when my Fibromyalgia has been especially problematic, and I am in pain, it is nearly impossible to go anywhere, let alone have the energy to pick up the camera. I worry in those phases, that I will somehow slip back into Anhedonia. Truthfully, now that I know what it's like to have it, I don't think I will ever let that happen again, but the thought crosses my mind all the same. "What if I wake up today, and suddenly no longer have any creativity?"

Another piece of advice Steven gave me a couple years back, was to suggest that I do "still life" photography during those times when I am housebound. It will keep the creative juices flowing, and it is a good way to practice with lighting and settings I don't use as often, such as the portrait setting. Good idea. I have been enjoying doing that very much this past autumn and winter, but for this weekend, I needed to get out and smell the fresh, cold air... despite whatever grasp the Fibromyalgia had on me. I decided to push my assignment a bit further than just looking for spring, I challenged myself to find all four seasons in one day. Here is what I found...





"Four seasons in one day
Lying in the depths of your imagination
Worlds above and worlds below
The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain

Even when you're feeling warm
The temperature could drop anyway
Like four seasons in one day"

From "Four Seasons In One Day" Crowded House

"Spring Mist"
Berkeley, California
February 24, 2007


deslily said...

I don't see you loosing your creative side Carly... not by a long shot!

Steven said...

The first photo is a jaw dropper. It's stunning. Porcelain petals. You did find all the seasons. I'm glad you found some spring too. You won't lose your creativity. Don't frustrate yourself when you don't feel inspired. There is a ebb and flow to everything, even the seasons cycle :-)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

The winter's my favorite - not the season, the photo.

sunflowerkat said...

I just stumbled on a blog where the writer had links to a photo meme for each day. I really want to try and keep myself challenged that way. It's hard during the winter when everything here is so blah.

I can't imagine Carly losing her creativity. I don't think that's possible.