Friday, September 01, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #127: "Goodbye Summer" Haiku

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance."

-Bern Williams

Weekend Assignment # 127: Write a haiku saying farewell to summer. A haiku, as many of you know, is a poem of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five again in the third. Simple and fun, and anyone can do 'em. You can do more that one if you want. As a bonus, technically speaking, haiku are supposed to feature seasonal imagery, so we've got that going for us this time around.

Extra Credit: A picture of a fun summer activity you're saying goodbye to for another year.

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

As you know, summer is not my favorite time of year, but it is necessary to have summer, so that beautiful autumn can comeback again. Still, summer is not without it's merits, such as the concerts on the beach in Santa Cruz. Opening night this year featured the Greg Kihn Band. For an old guy from the 80's he is still HOT! :) I looked hot that night too...tee hee...I had on my new shoulder cut-out T-shirt, and I wore my hair down, all 5 feet of it. Well, I pinned it up a little. :) Ok, so summer has it's moments. :)

Music On A Summer Night (Haiku)
By Carly Gordon

Summer music kiss
That's what a June night is for
Music on the beach

Extra Credit:

Greg Kihn on stage in Santa Cruz, June 23rd, 2006

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as seen from the Wharf

"Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world."

-Ada Louise Huxtable

"Greg Kihn Concert"
Santa Cruz, California
June 23rd, 2006
Early Evening


Gaboatman said...

This year I am glad that summer is coming to an end, too. This one was a little harder on me than previous ones. The haiku is nice, the pictures are superb! Would have loved to have been at that Greg Kihn concert, too.

Paul said...

Wow! I haven't heard the name Greg Kihn for a few years. Amazing that these guys are still around. After he plays The Breakup Song, and Jeopardy, what does he do?

GLendaRs said...

How lovely a favorite in summer concert by the water with lights aglow ... warms the heart!

Suzanne R said...

Love that Santa Cruz as seen from the Boardwalk shot! Gorgeous!

DesLily said...

Really good pics as usual Carly.. the boardwalk at night is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my favorites. I will be watching for some more beautiful pics.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I don't have a beach
Nor June music to recall
Except through your blog