Monday, August 21, 2006

A Surreal Moment, And The Winner Of The "Caption This Or That" Contest

"We have to pursue this subject of fun very seriously, if we want to stay competitive in the twenty-first century."


This was definitely a very surreal moment! There I was, enjoying a gourmet spaghetti dinner from my favorite little North Beach restaurant, Fisherman's pizzeria, when swoooooooop...down came this hungry fella intent on stealing a noodle from my stylish carry out diningware. LOL. It was fun. I love having my camera by my side, for moments such as this one. He was a goofy bird, and it was initially a bit unnerving to have him peck at the windshield, so I gave him a few noodles and some garlic bread to enjoy. Hey, moments like this don't come along every day! LOL. Now on with this week's "Caption This Or That," winner.

It's beginning to look like the fix is in, but the prize again goes to Wil, talented author of the blog, "Daily Snooze." The winner was chosen by a completely impartial entity, so it was fair, I promise. I will be doing another round soon, so consider playing along next time...give this brilliant man as much competition as you can...HE MUST BE DEFEATED! LOL. A special thanks goes to John Darrow, David Darrow and Brock Meeks for also playing along. You guys are the best! Now on with the winning caption...

"Puff's failure to heed the Dragon Crossing sign yields tragic, yet predictable results."

LOL. Give our friend a round of applause! :) Thanks for playing Wil!

NOTE: I am also posting at my AOL journal Ellipsis all this week, stop by and say "hi" if you get the chance! :) And don't forget, we will be playing our current Round Robin Challenge this coming Wednesday. Click here for details! :)

"A Surreal Moment In San Francisco"
Fort Point
San Francisco, California
October, 2005


Wil said...

It's an honor, m'dear. And thank you, Alan, for your judgement in the matter. Those lobsters should get to the Bay sometime this week...

Gaboatman said...

This sounds like a fun game. I'll try and stay tuned and play next time.

DesLily said...

Mmmmm love spagetti! I don't blame the seagull for wanting some!!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Nice of you to share with the bird! Yes, I liked that caption, too.