Saturday, December 10, 2005

Five Of Carly's Quirky Ways :)

"Imagination is more important then knowledge."

-Albert Einstein

I love doing these memes. Shelly, author of the journal, " Cyber Chocolate," as well as many other terrific blogs, has tagged me for this one. Five Quirky Things. The idea is to list some quirky aspects of your life or personality. Oh my...where to start! Tee Hee. Shelly, thank you so much for tagging me, I had a lot of fun doing this one! Ok, so here we go...

1. My over use of my favorite punctuation the ellipsis... :)
2. The fact that I do believe in curses. YIKES! Today is December 10th!
3. I have been known to bake chickens upside down.
4. I like to do laundry in my green M&M's Halloween costume
5. I have a "Wall of Fame" in my home that has photographs taken by either Alan or myself of famous people that we have met personally. The only celebrity that is on the wall that I didn't meet in person is John Ritter.

There you have it. I bet you could have guessed most of these, but it was still great fun to remind you of how quirky I can be. :) Ok, now it's time for me to pass this on to five of my friends. So, Sam, Judith, Robbie, Andrea and Tilly lookout, I am about to send you an email! Bwahahahahahaha!

"Stopping To Appreciate Art"
Academy Of Art University
San Francisco, California
December 3rd 2005
To see the above photo in a larger version, click on the image to be redirected


Shelly said...

Yeah, this was a fun one. And I think your first quirk was really obvious. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

This is the perfect meme for you, isn't it? ;) And we didn't even discuss Elvis or the possums!

I just tagged Judith Heartsong too,for the same meme!

Oh, on the upside-down chicken thing. That as a plot point in the "Future Boy" episode of Quantum Leap. Ever since then, I've never been quite sure which way is right side up for roasting a chicken. Does it matter?


DesLily said...

Awww how cute is that the wall of fame lol.. too bad you never met John Ritter, everything i've heard was always nice about him.

Unhinged said...

Five quirky things about Andrea (you just had to ask, didn't you):

1. She love, love, loves the number 5. Loves to write it, loves to look at it, loves to think about its rounded oddballishness.

2. She's a public sound-maker. Ew! she says when the bus takes off and she's still standing. Squee, hah, hah, she says if a piece of food falls out of her mouth.

3. She has this bad habit of doing things on the effin' spur.

4. She's an LFNaholic.

5. She likes small, intimate places that usually make others feel caged.

Judith HeartSong said...

only for you and Karen Dear Lady!!! :):):)

Tilly said...

Hi Carly,

Thanks for the Tag, I'll get to it as soon as I can!

And as far as baking chickens upside down - Is there any other way?

Tilly x

Steven said...

Gasp! Another meme!
I've baked a chicken upside down. I did wise up and carve it right side up though, but it took a few minutes for me to figure that out.

Becky said...

I'm an ellipsis junkie too! LOL As for the post after this one...ever read the article about "The Spoons"? It was written by someone with your same condition. She uses the metaphor of a drawer full of spoons to represent her energy reserves. Each move she makes uses a spoon from the drawer. You need to keep track of your spoons so there are enough in your drawer to get you through your day.