Wednesday, February 08, 2017


"I have a dream that one day this nation
 will rise up and live to the true meaning of it's creed.
 "We hold these truth to be self evident
 that all men are created equal." 

~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"I Have A Dream" 

Last night, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stopped Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) from reading a letter, written in 1986, by the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in which she detailed her opposition of Jeff Sessions appointment to a federal judgeship. Senator Warren was merely reading word for word from the passionate letter, when she was told, basically, to sit down and shut up. But Senator Warren could not be silenced and I admire her courage! Here is a link to both the letter written by Mrs. King, and the full article from the Huffington Post.

Our nation is changing every day, and not for the better. It is losing it's very soul. President Donald J. Trump hasn't been in office three weeks and he is already filling his cabinet with big donors and Goldman Sac's grifters. What has our country come to, and will we survive the deep, devastating damage being done to us? Make no mistake... If Senator Warren has the courage to keep on going, I will do all I can to support her efforts. We must be brave. We must fight, with must rise up with courage, and make our voices heard. Now, more than any other time in my lifetime, is the time to be heard and we will NOT SIT DOWN! WE WILL NOT FORGET! AND WE WILL NOT SHUT UP!



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