Friday, January 27, 2017

There's Good News And Bad News

"Rarely is the question asked... Is our children learning?

~George W. Bush

Florence, South Carolina
January 11th, 2000

Hey, the good news is we made it a week! Trump has been in office a whole week, although he claims his first real day was this past Monday, but anyway, as of the writing this blog post, we are all still alive! That's better than I thought we would do, so, here's to getting to next Friday alive! And now for the bad news... It seems a plastic rain poncho got the best of Dubya at Trump's Inauguration. That DICK Cheney, shitting behind him in that cheesy cowboy hat, didn't even help him put it on, he just sat there and smirked. The DICK! But that's not the bad news... the bad news is Dubya is still dumb as a stick, but he will always be smarter, and more likable than Donald Trump!

God I Miss George W. Bush!


My life!

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