Monday, December 05, 2016

The Winds Of War... Or Maybe Just Wind

"It's the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. 
They teach us how to think.
 If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact.
  But give him a question and he'll look for his own answers."

~Patrick Rothfuss
The Wise Man's Fear

New Altamont Wind Turbines

A couple weeks ago, Alan and I were on our way down to the Bay Area, through the Altamont Pass, and the traffic came to a stop, as it does on most days, and while we were lingering I was looking at how pretty the wind turbines on the left side of the pass looked. Photogenic they are, good for the bird population, not so much! But on the right side of the pass I spotted some new, more environmental friendly turbines being installed. Will they completely protect the bird population? Probably not. Will they be a step in the right direction? Probably. It's going to take years, and multiple studies to determine the true outcome, but there are a lot of people, smarter than me, who seem to know that this is a solid move forward in managing wildlife and energy needs.

When Donald Trump came through California during the primary season he spouted a lot of rhetoric. He promised that California wasn't in an actual drought, no, it was man-made hoax to keep water from the republican leaning farmers. Oh, and also he would make California Great Again by opening up the water reserve for the drought starved California. And what about those wind turbines, killing all those bald eagles? Hundreds and hundreds of birds ladies and gentlemen... what about the birds? Apparently lacking in the facts that there was a transition underway to install the more environmentally friendly turbines. Perhaps it won't be perfect solution, but innovation into clean energy is constantly evolving. But what would Donald Trump know about research or innovation?

Alan and I are looking into perhaps installing solar panels in order to survive paying our bills. Two months in a row our bills, just for PG&E, were over $400.00 for a 3 bedroom house, without running the air conditioner 24/7 or leaving lights on. That's unsustainable for us. Something has to be done. Bills like that might just mean the difference between keeping our house, and throwing in the towel. Right now, there are some incentives for installing the panels, and this week we will be looking into it. Sigh. I am afraid to wait until January 20th, because Donald Trump is looking to make things a lot harder on the middle class. He is poised to be the best friend of big business, and a villain to clean energy futures. I expect the tax credit for installing solar panels will end soon. 

Ironic. Alan and I got this house after years of renting, and being fine with that. We thought, and felt, that after what we went through all those years of uncertainty, it was time. All we want is a safe, legal, roof over our head, and to live out our lives in relative peace and safety. We moved to Stockton, a place I am falling in love with more and more every day, despite being outside the Bay Area. But I don't know if we will be able to swing the next four years here. Suddenly the prospects seem quite dark. Interest rates are definitely rising, which will affect home sales. So, at least if we will be able to install a panel or two, it will increase interest in our home, should resale be necessary. And if the market will be moving.


I am truly overwhelmed at the moment. There is too much to be frightened about, and I haven't even mentioned my concerns about the imminent destruction of Medicare. The Affordable Care Act and the EPA. All on the Republicans hit list. I have never wanted to believe in Santa more than I want to right now! I don't want a big, shiny wrapped present with bows! I don't want Christmas sock stuffed with gift cards to Bloomingdale's. I want the Electoral Collage to look at Donald Trump's behavior since winning the election, and see he is a dangerous man who will ruin America, and run us, should we even survive his policies, into the deepest abyss. He has just taunted China, yet again, just a few hours ago. How much longer before China has had enough?

Are we feeling the winds of war?
Is it all just Donald Trump's wind? 

Which might get us first the next great American Depression 
Our own great deep depression?

"Never forget we walk on hell, gazing at flowers."
~Kobayashi Issa

Leaf Of The Day
December 5th 2016

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