Friday, December 23, 2016

It's Festivus For The Rest Of Us!

"It's not about presents, but it is about your presence. 
Therin lies the spirit of the holiday season."

~Julieanne O'Connor 

It's the day, before the day, before the day. You know the day... Christmas Day. And this year, Hanukkah falls on December 25th as well! It is truly a fun holiday season, but before we even reach those two very important observances, we reach today, which just happens to be Festivus. You know... "for the rest of us!"

Grab Your Pole 
Let The Airing Of The Grievances Begin!

Okay, so those weren't my grievances, but trust me, I have a GIANT one and it's name is...


I don't have a Festivus pole, but believe me, I will have one by next Festivus, should humanity live that long, and I will have about 365 different grievances to air on this blog. Maybe in a video.
 So be sure to comeback next year, on December 23rd, again should humanity survive Donald Trump's presidency,
 and we will get it all out together! 

If you have any grievances to share under the holiday wreath,
 feel free to leave them in the comment thread!
 Be respectful!

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~Me :)


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