Thursday, December 22, 2016

Art About Town: Sacramento... Untitled Fountain, By David von Schlegell

"Untitled" Fountain By David von Schlegell
300 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, California

"In the Haunted House of life, 
art is the only stair that doesn't creak."

~Tom Robbins

Sacramento has a ton of public art! Now that I live so much closer than I used to, I plan to spend a lot of time photographing all the amazing art around the city, and getting to know Sacramento the way we got to know San Francisco! It was through all the trips around San Francisco, looking for different pieces of public art, that I grew to appreciate the city for all the unique neighborhoods, and districts. Each one is truly a feast for the eyes, and has provided me many days of happiness, getting to know how fun and interesting a place it can be! I am hoping for the same experience with Sacramento!

I first noticed this sculpture the day before Thanksgiving, when Alan and I drove to Old Sacramento to see the lighting of the Christmas Tree. It was dark outside, and I did the night photo you see below, while on the run for the freeway. It was a rushed photo, but I liked the way the colors and lights danced around the photo, so I decided to keep it, and post it along with the better lit daytime photo! When it is operating, the sculpture is actually a beautiful fountain, and the plaque reads...

"Remember that the meaning of life is to build
 a life as if it were a work of art. 
Start working on this great work of art called your own existence. 
Remember the importance of self discipline, study the great sources of wisdom
 and remember that life is a celebration."

Dedicated to the children of Sacramento
Capitol Mall Venture
August 8th, 1985

~Abraham Joshua Heschel

To read a little more about this beautiful fountain, click here.

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