Thursday, December 01, 2016

December Is In Autumn Too!

"It's December, and no one asked if I was ready."

~Sarah Kay

It's December. It's cold. It began snowing in the Sierras just before Halloween, so even the Central Valley is keenly aware, it's cold! But at least it's not hot! I dislike HOT more than COLD because I can't think straight in hot weather. Cold weather tends to leave me in a great deal of pain, but at least I can think again. This year... well... I wish I wasn't thinking straight, or as clearly. I am grieving the election, and I have almost NO patience for stupidity. But let's not dwell. How about we do something different and focus on Christmas. Ornaments. Holiday lights and the fact that while it is December, it's still autumn. So leaves! Isn't it funny that more of December is in autumn than winter, yet winter seems to claim it!

 Lies... lies I tell you!
But I digress!

"How did it get so late, so soon?" 
~Dr. Seuss

Leaf Of The Day
December 1st, 2016

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