Friday, November 04, 2016

Life Is A Visual Art

"You are my star in this dark, dark world we inhabit."

~Misty Daniel
The Angel Chronicles:The Fallen: In Search Of Souls

Isn't he the cutest thing? You might think what I have photographed here is someone's toy from the movie Minions, but in fact it isn't. As near as I can tell it is a homemade minion, or perhaps it is a prop from the movie! I can't say for sure, because I have never seen it up close! I have only seen it while Alan and I have been driving south on Highway 880 in Hayward, California. That's right. It sits on the roof of a building, next to the retaining wall of a freeway! Recently, I photographed it out the window of our car, while Alan drove past it at 65 miles per hour!

I first noticed the minion a year ago, or so, and it instantly made me smile! That's what happens when you carry a camera every where you go, you see things you might otherwise miss in this busy world! I don't know his story, I don't know who put him there, but I am grateful for his presence, watching over 880, which can be a scary freeway at times. It was one of my least favorite highways to drive on when I lived in the Bay Area, but it is a necessary evil if you need to get south of Hayward, or if you are headed to the San Mateo peninsula.

I love the minion, and I look for him whenever we are in the area, like visiting an old friend. I wish there were more little fellows like him to give weary travelers, like I tend to be, something positive to look forward to. He is an angel to me. Maybe not necessarily a guardian angel per se, but definitely an angel that reminds us to not take life so damn serious every moment, of every single day! One day I want to stop, and track down where he is, and perhaps thank his creator for this little bit of public art, which really deserves a lot of credit for just how wonderful he really is!

In 2004 I shared the 580 Angel with you, which sits off the freeway on a private driveway on the eastbound side of 580! She is a constant and calming presence, again reminding us to calm down. I am kinda digging these two, I hope it becomes a trend. Sometimes the visual says much more than words ever could! I love the worlds my silent camera have made me aware of! Life is a visual art!

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November 4th 2016

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