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Buildings In Time: The Bob Hope Theater (Formerly The Fox Theater) Stockton, Ca

"When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things... not the great occasions that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness."

~Bob Hope

As I said in a previous post, Stockton has some amazingly beautiful historic old buildings. This is my favorite. The Bob Hope Theater! Previously the Fox Theater, it is a true gem that shows movies, as well as features musical concerts, such as Ringo Starr, coming up later this month! Originally the Fox theater opened in 1930 and was one of just two movie houses in the Central Valley. It was an immediate hit, and was, at the time, one of the largest Vaudvillian venues. Over time the movie house began to not just show motion pictures but began to feature musical and comedy acts like Al Jolson, and the comedy of the Marx Brothers. 

Over time, the theather began to feel the pangs of progress and change, as it was replaced with Drive-in movies, multi-screened theaters and even television began to impact going to movies! The small independant theaters took a serious beating during this time, despite their rich histories and beautiful architecture inside and out! The Fox Theater closed in 1974 due to the steep decline in business. Over the next 35 years the theater went through many different owners and attempts to bring it back to it's once great existance. But in the late 1990's, the theater sprang back to life, with the help of the mayor of Stockton, and the City Councel, which made a commitment to restore and renovate it back to greatness.

Now it is a stunning part of the downtown cultural scene. It stands out for it's character, and really adds a beautiful smile to the downtown! Who doesn't smile when they think of all the joy Bob Hope brought so many people through his movies, and how much he did for soldiers during wartime and peace! After the Fox went through it's last restoration it was renamed after Bob Hope who had many friends who lived in Stockton. He actually spent a good deal of time here, when not filming a movie, or on the go entertaining the troops in USO shows! The theater is listed on the National List of Historic places. Come see it... it's FABULOUS!

I really love that when the city of Stockton worked so hard to restore this fine old theater, they didn't sacrifice it's past, in order to bring it into the future! Well done Stockton!

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