Monday, November 07, 2016

In One Day

"Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be."

~Ernest Hemingway
For Whom The Bell Tolls

Yesterday, Sunday, was quite a day. We are slightly through the mid-point of autumn, and it's amazingly beautiful outside. Clouds wax and wane, casting haunting shadows one minute, and then filling one's soul with warm sunshine and clarity the next. It's downright enchanting! Can you tell I am in a romantic mood? Well, I am, and I am so happy inside that my soul is doing cartwheels! It looks as though Donald Trump might just lose the election on Tuesday, and nothing could make Alan and I happier!

We spent our day yesterday in Reno, Nevada. We had some reservations about going on the trip, because of the incident that had occurred the night before in Reno at a Donald Trump rally. It seems a young man with an anti-Trump sign, was beaten, and thrown to the ground, basically physically assaulted by Trump supporters who didn't want him to peacefully protest with his small, homemade sign, that simply said... "Republican's Against Trump."

It's been a long, horrible campaign season. Both candidates have gone low, but in my opinion, only one of them has maintained any sort of decorum... Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has encouraged every kind of negative behavior from his supporters, if they don't like what you have to say, or if you simply disagree with him or his surrogates. Everything from shouting others down, to blatant physical violence. He hides behind his supporters, putting them up to his sick dirty work whenever possible. It's distressing, and it makes me want to push back against the cruelty. I admit, the political climate has brought out the worst in me at times. I try to rise above, but to my own dismay, I find myself almost gleeful, at times, in my negativity.

Hopefully, after Tuesday, it will all be over. The election that is. After a solid week of Donald Trump deliberately lying about the FBI opening a new investigation into Hillary Clinton, because of emails discovered on a laptop computer shared by Anthony Wiener and his wife Huma Abedin, Hillary was cleared of any wrong doing, as the emails discovered turned out to be duplicates of already discovered emails! If Hillary does manage a win, after the partisan actions of James Comey, the current head of the FBI, will Donald Trump accept it? Will his supporters? Or will we see Americans turning on each other in a new civil war?

History will not be kind to James Comey, for how he has handled this whole situation. Both sides have legitimate complaints about his conduct, but Donald Trump is his own worst enemy also, and he has continually shot himself in the foot as his candidacy has moved along the last 18 months! Lies are stupid. You will get caught. Just don't do it. But that advice seems lost on Trump, as he has lied approximately 92 percent of the time he has been running for president, and engaged immature and disturbing deceitful and narcissistic behavior that at times seemed nothing short of sociopathic!

Tuesday will be a long day in the universe. And I am hoping for the best outcome. Hillary Clinton has the experience, in fact she might just be the most experienced person to ever seek the office of the presidency. She has been lied about, called all kinds of derogatory names. Dragged through the mud by fixated republicans. And yet she gets back up every single day. She is a tough woman, who has spent her life in public service! She fought for the medical benefits for first responders, while she was the junior senator from New York, and as Secretary of State helped capture Bin Laden. 

I am hoping on Tuesday Americans make the right decision. I pray the day will go peacefully. And I hope and pray that NO violence occurs. We Americans need each other, and we even loved each other in the days and weeks after 9/11. Then one day we let ourselves be divided. Actually, it probably took more than one day to get us here, but if we let it, one day might be all it takes to unite us again. Hopefully by electing the first female President Of The United States!

Hey... I can dream. Right?  

 Leaf Of The Day
November 7th 2016

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