Sunday, November 29, 2015

One Day

"He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo.
 Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic.
 Nothing is more sublime."

~Victor Hugo

San Francisco is the great geographical love of my life. The Golden Gate Bridge takes my breath away, as does each neighborhood, and of course, sourdough bread. There is nothing quite like the taste of sourdough bread, fresh from the oven, with just a little bit of butter. You only need a small amount of butter, and really that is a matter to taste, because the warm bread is amazingly decadent. Well, I think so anyway. Yes, I love San Francisco, but there are other places I have dreamed about seeing one day. You have to feel the bittersweet of leaving home, to know the sweet joy of returning... right?

On my list are New York City. Bangor, Maine. Lake Champlain, Vermont. Whistler in Canada. London. Helsinki, Finland, and of course, Paris, France. Alan and I have been learning French, through Rosetta Stone, and one day, if the lottery is in our favor, we will see Paris. I thought earlier this year we may have had a chance, when we settled our case against our landlord out of court, but about half of the money ended up being wasted through that stupid, false condo deal. We lost money, and our chance to see at least one of those places, but life has a way of surprising you, so who knows... maybe one day.

For now, I will honor Paris in my heart. I will learn more recipes. Hang a tribute ornament on the tree. Finish my French homework, and most of all, pray for her. There are some bitter hearts in this world. People who can't see the beauty for the bomb. Why anyone would choose to bring terrorism to such a beautiful place is beyond me, I feel sorry for those folks who die in the name of an empty cause. Paris will go on. Paris will thrive. And the name of the suicide bomber... already forgotten. So, if luck does shine on us one day, HELL YES we will go, Paris, New York, Helsinki, Whistler.... we love you, and we will see you one day!

I just know it! 
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November 29th 2015
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sunflowerkat said...

WHEN you make it to New York, let me know. I'm only 90 minutes away...