Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Rated PG-13 Strong Language, Adult Situations

"Moneys scarce, times are hard, 
here's your fucking Christmas card."

~Phillis Diller

We never made it to Union Square yesterday. Hostages situations. New home blues. Total discombobulation in general. BAH HUMBUG! That's how we felt until about noon, or so, then Alan and I decided to take the sticks out of our asses and head for the Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round Christmas Fantasy. A family tradition of ours, the day after Thanksgiving, for years! It never fails to bring the smiles back to our faces, and put the Christmas spirit back into our hearts. This is year two of the new management, and it's not quite the same as when we first discovered the magic, but the carousel animals have been freshly painted, and the places looks so happy that it's hard to dwell in the past. The new owners are doing their best to keep the tradition alive, so we are just going to go and enjoy the Christmas Spirit.

And to those who have their Candy Cane's up their Asses about it...

They Are Doing The Best They Can!
And To All A Good Night!

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November 28th 2015
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~Me :)

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