Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cold Autumn

"It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust
 of cinnamon and brown sugar."

~Sarah Addison Allen
First Frost

I didn't feel like doing any photography yesterday. I just wasn't feeling inspired, so I did some more unpacking... can you believe I haven't finished that yet? It's not that we have that much, in fact after living in our little cottage all those years I managed to accumulate a lot for a small cottage, but not nearly enough for a three bedroom house. LOL. I suppose that is a good thing, but in reality it doesn't matter if you don't unpack what you do own. I guess I can blame my malaise on the circumstances surrounding the move, or the shock of suddenly going from a renter, to a buyer, or even the fact that since we moved in here we haven't gone two consecutive weeks without our television and Internet service being interrupted. I don't know what to say about AT&T Uverse here in Stockton, but for some reason or another my service hasn't worked, and they seem to think it's a huge mystery!

I don't know what is causing the trouble, but the situation isn't helping one little bit, but it's not really the root cause. I guess most of my lack on inspiration this weekend has to do with the horrible mass killing in Paris last Friday. My goodness, how can that not be depressing? I don't understand. I don't understand that situation any more than when a sick mind went into a schoolroom in Connecticut and killed 26 children and adults, just before Christmas a few years ago. But then I also don't understand the lack of common sense laws, that while probably couldn't stop this nonsense, but could be a good place to start educating people on responsible gun ownership. I don't understand the apathy... and I don't understand the refusal of we humans to learn from our mistakes on a national level, an international level and sometimes personal levels as well. 

But enough of all that. If I could have gone out with the camera yesterday, I would have sought the photos you see in this post. These are from my archives, and have never been posted before. They represent the light for me. They are the colors of life in autumn. Alive, Loud, Comforting, Enthusiastic, Harmonious... LIVING OUT LOUD... light. The kind of vibrancy that lifts me up, and can only be found naturally for 12 weeks, or so, out of the year. It's that light I seek the rest of the year, and find often, but it's only really authentic in the middle of autumn. If I could ask God a favor, it would be to let autumn, be autumn, for just a little longer this year. I need to make up for some time I am losing, letting the sadness run too much of my life. Maybe it's a good thing that soon autumn must move on. Balance is a good thing. The seasons are there to remind us that everything happens in it's time. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven.

Silly me.
 It will get better. 

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Sunday, November 15th 2015
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sunflowerkat said...

I would love it if autumn would last a bit longer. I have so little tolerance for the intense heat of summer that I find the season refreshing as well a inspirational. Coming back to read your blog is inspiring me as well. I have not posted to a blog since....I don't know when. I don't get out to shoot near enough these days (working full time) but I do have some photos I've taken over the last few years I'd enjoy sharing. If I post them, will you come visit??

Carly said...

Hi Kat :)

Absolutely! Email me the link or leave it in the comment thread on my latest post, and I will come on over. Not only that, with your permission I will Pimp the new blog here and on Twitter! I love your photography and it would make me amazingly happy to see it again, and have you around for inspiration! Update me with your contact information when you can, just so I know I have all the correct information for you!

sunflowerkat said...

Carly, I was most recently posting at It's been over two years but I thnk there are images there you may not have seen. Don't pimp it just yet...just come visit while I get back in the swing. ��. I'll email my other contact info!