Thursday, November 12, 2015

Altamont Sunrise #3

"That time of day when the sun hasn't come up yet,
 but you can already feel it coming.
 It's an elusive warmth, like a subtle promise whispered in your ear and you can go on with your day knowing you've been give another chance to get it right."

~Cassia Leo

As I was admiring this amazing sunrise Monday morning, it occurred to me that I have seen more sunrises this year, then in a very long time, but none quite as striking as this one! I am not an early riser, in fact more times than not if I want to see a sunrise, I simply don't go to bed. I am a lifelong insomniac and then there are times when Alan's snoring makes it impossible to sleep, so I stay up and do my cleaning, or photo editing, and then I turn in for some sleep after he leaves for work. But last Sunday evening I went with him to work, as he did the graveyard shift, and as we came home we were treated to this lovely, vibrant, romantic sunrise, I was glad I had been able to see it! It was inspiring, and I am hoping to be able to do a lot more sunrise photography. I have to do some research and find some good places to park on the side roads off the Altamont Pass, so I can get as many different perspectives as possible. One good thing about moving, it has opened me up to all the new possibilities for photo jaunts. There is a lot of interesting history in this part of California, and I think it will be fun to learn all I can about where I live. It is time to explore new horizons I think.

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November 12th 2015
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~Me :)

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sunflowerkat said...

Sunrise is my favorite time of day (I'm a morning person). It's a spiritual time for me. Your photos are gorgeous and I look forward to more!