Friday, November 13, 2015

Altamont Pass Sunrise #4

"You've gotta taste the light, like my friend and fellow shooter Chip Maury says. And when you see the light like this, trust me, it's like a strawberry sundae with sprinkles"

~Joe McNally
The Moment It Clicks: Photography Secrets From One Of The World's Top Shooters

While I was photographing the sunrise last Monday, I was seeing all kinds of things on the Altamont Pass that I wanted to stop, and include in the photos, but instead I just tried to make some visual notes, and grab those fleeting moments as fast as I could. We were in a car, on the 580 freeway, and the whole scene was just unfolding so fast that I just kept clicking the camera as I saw the possibilities! One of those most striking aspects of the pass that morning were the power lines.

Ordinarily I don't pay that much attention to them, in fact I try really hard to keep them out of my shots, but like the wind turbines, the power lines seemed transformed by the colors of the sunrise into something really beautiful. I am glad I went ahead and included them in the series. I think I will be looking at them differently in the future. That's what I love about photography, it changes your world view and creativity. It changes the way you see things, and any chance for growth is a good thing!
And then finally as we exited the Altamont Pass the sky transitioned into a beautiful morning sky over Stockton. Slightly cloudy, slightly foggy and really cold. But I was happy inside. I got a lot done on that car ride. The photos I took were rewarding to me and I got them in one of my favorite ways to do photography, out the car's passenger window, as a casual observer, with no real time to overthink the photo, just the instinct and inspiration to take it!
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November 13th 2015
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