Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pizzelle Pizzelle

"Don't be satisfied with stories, 
of how things have gone with others.
 Unfold your own myth."

The Essential Rumi

Sometimes I wonder where I would be right now, had it not been for my deep need to be creative, and Alan's unwavering support in my artistic adventures. He brought me back from the brink once, just by being a constant source of love, friendship and support. I suppose that's why October means so much to me, it's my chance to really take care of him. See to what he needs, and plan our little road adventures, so he can rest from all the work he does all year long. Work at his actual place of employment, and work as in listening to the crazy that is me. LOL.

Yesterday we had a fun little culinary adventure. We made Pizzelles. Pizzelles, if you haven't already heard of them, are a cute, delicious little Italian waffle type cookie. They are also said to be the first cookie ever made! They can be made the traditional way, or customized depending on the flavor of extract you choose. Yesterday we made them with several different kinds of extracts. Coffee, Root Beer, and Anise. Some were formed into cannoli shells, which we are going to fill with something yummy, and some were left flat to be made into ice cream sandwiches!

I purchased a fun little pizzelle maker from Cuisinart, through, to make the pizzelles, and I highly recommend it! It makes two cookies at a time, and comes with a dowel for rolling the cookies into cannoli shells. I traded off making one flat cookie and one cannoli shell each bake. At 60 calories per cookie, it's a fun little indulgence that you make at your desk if you want to, because you can make the batter/dough up ahead of time, and bake when you feel like it!

Life is just pretty damn good sometimes!

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October 18th 2015

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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