Thursday, September 24, 2015

Knowing When To Stop... Decorating

"Behind every attractive room should be a reason."

~Sister Parish

Okay, this is going to be one of those posts where you might go away thinking to yourself... sometimes Carly is not a nice person. Okay, so be it. I get it. It's not nice to make fun of people. Not even ones self. But there does come a time when a little harmless venting, which might be at someone elses expense, just feels good! Now you know me, for the most part I am a positive person, well, accept for the occasional Sarah Palin jab, but come on, when I shoot an arrow her way, she usually deserves it! And also, lets be honest, she is on the public stage, at not just on a whim, but rather her chosen ambition! She knows the arrows will be coming, so how sorry can one really feel about it? Especially if the jab isn't so much of a jab, but rather a calling of, well, bullshit! Right?

Well, okay, Sarah Palin, and her mean-spirited minions occasionally have it coming. Lord knows I take a knock, now and then, from folks on the right who think my opinion, usually expressed over Twitter, is nothing but hooey. Fine! Hooey it is! Hooey, if decided in honesty, what can you do? People feel the way they feel, and when it's that black and white it's best not to try to argue, but rather let them go on their merry misguided way. Again... right?

Well, once in a while, I tend to meet in real life, someone who rivals Sarah Palin on the stupid scale. There, I said it. An actual, card carrying, stupid person. This past summer I did just that. AND SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS! This person hurt Alan and I. Financially, and in morale. She made a decision to lie, knowing what the consequences would be for us. She had only her own needs at heart. She had an agenda and she did all she could... whatever it took... to meet those ends. In the end, when I looked back over what happened, I have to remind myself that it really did happen, otherwise I tend to think of this past summer as a cheesy Lifetime movie.

The one thing I have, late at night, that keeps me from crying myself to sleep is the knowledge that she was a genuinely stupid person. A moron. A simp. How and why do I form this opinion? Well, one day she invited me to "her place" for a lovely afternoon of wasted time. She went on and on about mostly useless subjects, then invited me to take a look around "her place" to see how busy she had been the previous weekend. A weekend she spent decorating. 

Olive drab isn't really my thing, but it's not absolutely tragic either. I like earth-tones, so you can find it among my decorating touches. She had it everywhere! Okay, fine, if that is your deal, who cares? There were lots and lots of... well... pictures of wine, and wine glasses. Which again... who cares? Apparently her favorite flower was the Bird of Paradise, because she had them in every single room! Curtains. Drapes. Carpeting in the second bedroom. Towels. Dish cloths. Dishes. Glasses. Refrigerator decals. Oven decals. Wall tiles in the bathroom. Wall tiles in the kitchen. Bird of Paradise flocked and roosted everywhere!


But it was the sign she had hanging over the toilet in the guest bathroom that made me double over in pain and laughter. There it was... a sign.. made of wood and glitter, which read...

"And They Lived Happily Every After."

Hanging over the toilet.

So.. what? They pooped "And They Lived Happily Every After?"

He pooped?
She pooped?
They pooped?

Or was it they flushed poop "And They Lived Happily Ever After?"

I know there have been times when I needed to poop so badly, that I couldn't imagine not pooping, and when I did, I actually did live happily ever after, at least until my next urge to poop anyway! So in that light I get what she was saying! But the other side of my brain just found it amazingly funny that in all the places that sign could have been displayed, she chose to hang it over the toilet in the guest bathroom!

Oh well. I am going have to admit it. I had already came to the conclusion this lady was stupid. Not because of her decorating skills mind you, but because she was probably one of the most mean-spirited, narrow minded, racist assholes I had ever had the misfortune to be in the presence of. That day she shared her personal feelings about who she wanted to live around, and how relieved she was that I was her kind of people. When she finally revealed her true feelings about anyone who didn't look like her, I just felt covered in the crap she slung. It was disgusting and unnecessary. I never thought I would meet a true racist in 2015, or at any other point in life, but I did. And it's not something I will not forget soon. The scars that were inflicted this past summer may not ever heal. But I am going to try my best to try to heal because the pain is useless. It's complicated, but one thing I know, I will NEVER ASSOCIATE MYSELF WITH RACISTS!

It wasn't the birds of paradise everywhere. It wasn't the over use of glitter. It was her. She can decorate her life all she wants, in the end, she is a racist. End of the story.

She was, and as far as I know, stupid by choice.

But you know what they say...

Ignorance Is Bliss.

And I am sure she and those she surrounds herself with will be fine in their awful little worlds.

And Will Live Happily Every After.

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September 24th, 2015

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