Monday, March 02, 2015


"Be careful what you feed your body 
and consider what you feed your senses.
 Both provide you sustenance that makes you who you are."

~Simon Boylan

This Monday's post, but it's being written on Sunday night. Why? Well, I have been posting in eastern time since my old AOL days. My niece, who lives on the east coast, loved to look at my pictures before going to bed, so, I always tried to post my photos at around 10:00 PM her time. She still views my photos, and reads my posts, but it doesn't have to be on her schedule, so I don't have to set my posts up the night before anymore, but I am so used to it at this point, I don't know if I could change it if I could. You see, my Sunday nights were forever sealed in stone when Alan's schedule put him permanently on the graveyard shift on Sunday nights and every other Monday night!

 So, where would I be without my late Sunday night meal? This Sunday night consisted of Baked Chicken Breast, and Orange Carrots. For dessert... an amazing Fruit Salad. All my favorite fruit, late at night, after a light meal. Delicious! And hey, it's photogenic also! The thing is, while I have to watch my sugar consumption because of my Type 1 diabetes, I know my body always feels better with the right kind of fuel. It's all about a healthy balance in all things. I am not perfect... but I am working on it!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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