Thursday, January 22, 2015

Retail Therapy Pt 2

"Would women find vampires even sexier and more romantic if instead of fangs they had rose thorns? It's thoughts like these I think of when digging in my garden, looking for my one true love... (If only I could remember where I buried her!)."

~Jarod Kintz
At Even One Penny, This Book Would Be Overpriced.
In fact, Free Is Too Expensive, Because You'd Still Waste Time By Reading It.

I have been busy this week, mostly sitting in one place, hoping my joints and nerve endings would just stop hurting me. My Fibromyalgia is really being really nasty. But what can I do? I meditate. I sleep when my body tells me to. I try to keep my own spirits up, and I try to get the vitamins and nutrition I need. After that... it's all up to the Fibromyalgia to figure out when it will be done with pain. Sigh. At least my mood is good, and so is my willingness to try. I even went out yesterday, and the day before, on short shopping trips. The retail therapy has been a big help, and Alan and I finally went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday, which was overdue by some 12 days or so. He is a wonderful man to wait until I felt more like going out! I treated myself to a new wallet, which I posted about yesterday, and I also used my Old Navy Visa rewards to pick up two new coats, a green wool coat, and a black faux leather vegan moto jacket. I also found a cute pink bathrobe, and some t-shirts and tanks. And the best part? Between the mark downs, the closeouts, and the rewards, I got all of it for around $9! How completely cool is that? Am I a smart shopper or what?

Happiness Is A Successful Shopping Trip!

 Bigger Happiness Is When The Pain Stops!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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