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"For me, the subject of the picture is always more important than the picture."

~Diane Arbus

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and now New Year's is over. It's January 2nd, which means, I will be taking down the decorations and putting away the sparkle. No matter how much I might not be in a festive mood, I always feel a bit sad putting away the little elves and shiny ornaments. We had a scaled down Christmas and it was a giant relief, as opposed to past Christmases when Alan and I over did the decorating. We found a cute artificial tree at IKEA and some adorable mini decorations of bows and stars in gold and silver, and of course we had our traditional Santa Claus hat at the top of the tree. It was mostly a Christmas of new decorations, but Alan and I did keep one tradition, we still purchased each other, and for each cat, one new ornament from the Tilden Park Holiday Carousel. It was a blue teddy bear wagon for the Alan, and he bought me a sparkly cupcake ornament. For the cats, we bought each of them a red and green mint candy ornament. They were captivated by the sparkle, and to our astonishment, only patted them gently to see them sway and shimmer in the light.

We have very well behaved little boy kitties!


For Hendrix, Dylan and Joey...
And Mine...

As for the ornament at top of the post, well you probably recognize it from the movie A Christmas Story. I bought Alan and extra ornament, because we had a date to go to the Orinda Theater, on December 11th, to see the movie, but unfortunately we weren't able to due to an extreme rain storm that hit the Bay Area on that very day! We were both terribly disappointed. It was a free showing, which included a visit from two of the stars of the film, and it was a great opportunity, however the rain was absolutely epic, so date night was cancelled. When I saw the Christmas Story leg ornament, online, I couldn't resist! I also purchased a cute cookie cutter of the same design!

It wasn't quite the same, but it made Alan smile, so it all worked out well!

That's what it's all about for me... seeing Alan relax a little... and smile.

He has the best smile!

Mr. Parker: You filty sicken hook-aid! Oh, smelly wok buster! Grout shell fratten house sticklr fifer! You bladder puss nut grafter! Dorton hoper...

Ralphie as Adult: What happened next was a family controversy for years.

Mr. Parker: You wart mundane noodle! You shotten shifter paskabah! You snort tonguer! Lame monger snaffa shell cocker!
(The sound of the lamp breaking is heard next)

Now in the movie, Mrs Parker claims that she accidentally broke Mr. Parker's major award, so we will assume it was a happy accident for her, a terrible one for him, But all kidding aside, I would never break any major award of Alan's, particularly one as nifty as this one! Hell, I would probably demand we buy another one exactly like it... you know... for living room symmetry!


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~Me :)

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