Sunday, November 02, 2014

With Two Days To Go...

"George Washington was the only president who didn't blame
 the previous administration for his troubles."

~George Washington

As my vacation comes to an end, it's time to give attention the thing that is nearest to my heart and interests... politics. Specifically... the midterm elections! All the analysts say that things are looking mighty dismal for the left, I don't know if that's accurate, but I think I am holding out hope, and maybe some faith, that folks will turn out on Tuesday and vote to protect their interests. We have seen what has congress has done, and hasn't done, in the hands of the republican leadership, and republican obstructionism, and it we don't want to face that on a grand scale, 
we need to keep the senate in the hands of the democratic party.

On the other hand, the democratic party has had opportunity, after opportunity, to get the word out on the accomplishments we have realized by President Obama, and regional victories on local levels. Take California for example... the state turned deep blue and is thriving because of it. A lot of damage committed by Arnold Schwarzenegger has been rectified, and as a whole we are doing amazing again as a state. I am thankful for that. The personal devastation Alan and I experienced was nothing compared to the devastation felt by families all around us, and I know it might takes some longer to regain their footing, but at least we are on our way!

I wish the nation could begin to go forward the way California has! It doesn't mean that every democratic candidate running for office should win... but rationality would be good. Lies aren't useful. Bashing your opponent rather than stating your own record doesn't help either! Feeding into fears, be it on the subject of national security or on the Ebola virus, is a desperate strategy. Give me accurate information, and the credit to understand it! Instead, we tend to get one side or the other, with no moderation from either side. That means its up to me, and you, to figure it all out. It takes a moment, well actually, let's say it takes a whole day, but no matter how much time it takes in actuality, educating yourself, and then showing up to vote, means you can at least know,
 you let your own voice be heard!



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