Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trick Or Treat

"The strange thing is, this truly horrifying experience planted a seed deep within my heart that germinated and grew into a desire that, I have to admit, I've never completely overcome."

~Kathi Daley
Halloween Hijinks

I spotted this festive fellow? in Placerville earlier this week. I am guessing that because of the time of year the mattress is in costume. Sure, that's it, it's a mattress masquerading as a creepy guy you meet while speed dating. Or perhaps it's a ghost... you know... a futon phantom! Or... or... maybe it's the ghost of the mattress of that belonged to that one ex-boyfriend I had, whose mother gave us food poisoning (on purpose) to scare off the women her son took a fancy to.

Yep, that's right, she did it on purpose, and she also deliberately gave salmonella to her own son! He had to burn his mattress, for obvious reasons, use your imagination about what a tainted Thanksgiving Turkey dinner, served on a hot June day, is like. Of course it didn't help that she gave him muscle relaxers so he would "feel better."

Like the Stephen King book... Sometimes They Comeback.

It's only spooky because it's true.

(Insert Halloween Scream Here)

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