Monday, October 27, 2014

October Worlds

"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

~L. M. Montgomery

My favorite month of the year is about to come to a close. Alan and I still have a lot of things planned for the last week of our vacation, amazing fun awaits! We are both ready to get back to a normal schedule, but I have to say, I never tire of walking among the pumpkins, and... now don't laugh... I love to ponder what each one would say, if they could talk. LOL. Okay, I am laughing with you, but the truth is, I have been imagining that since I was a little girl.
 I formed the opinion long ago that pumpkins have souls.
 YES, souls.
Does it make sense? NO... they are gourds. Does the fact that it doesn't make sense matter to me?
You couldn't tell me as a child it wasn't true and I am less likely to admit it now.

Look, See...

(There's One In Every Patch)

(A Pumpkin Is A Pumpkin By Any Other Name)

Sometimes It's Nice To Just Sit In Peace
And Imagine...

I wish the stores didn't insist on taking all things pumpkin from the stores shelves on November 1st! Does that happen everywhere or just in Northern California? Personally, I think pumpkins should be available all the way through until December. They taste amazing, they look beautiful in harvest displays, and as I mentioned in previous post, they have many uses. Sigh. But I guess only having pumpkins available for a the month of October, makes them all the more dear.

Take not even pumpkins for granted.

Leaf Of The Day

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~Me :)

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