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Round Robin Challenge: Where'd You Get Those Eyes?

Autumn Me (Selfie) 2006

"The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter... ofthen and unconscience but still a faithful interpreter... the eye."

~Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

RRC: Where'd You Get Those Eyes?

Eyes? I suggested an eye challenge? Yeah, I think I did! I just wonder why I chose eyes? I hate doing selfies... HATE THEM. But I have done a few, and thankfully Karen said we can think outside the box when it comes to the challenge topic, so here are some of my favorite eyes. Most of the photos have been posted before, but there are some that while photographed a while ago, haven't been posted before. 


Where'd You Get Those Eyes?

Elvis 2006

                                                  Elvis And The Boy Next Door 2008

A Scan Of My Left Eye

                                                               Hendrix Kitty 2010

The Whistling Tree
    Autumn 2012

                                                       Baby Dylan November 2008

The Ostrich
  June 2005

                                                              The Kitty Next Door

And with that last photo, we come to the end of my gallery of EYES! :) 

Now that you have seen my gallery, why not check out what every one else came up with? To be redirected to the official Round Robin blog, just click the link at the top of this post. That is where you will find the links to everyone's blogs, and all the information you need to play along!

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heh. I love the creativity of that top shot, and the neighbor peeking through the fence! And the cats' eyes are always worth a look. :) Thanks for the topic!