Friday, August 29, 2014

Night Lights... Mel's Drive-In, San Francisco

 "Most love stories are nocturnal. That's what makes them so fascinating"

~Raymond Federman, 
Smiles on Washington Square

I have been eager to do this series for a long time, finally I think I am ready to give it a try. Welcome to my new project, Night Lights.

First up is the gorgeous retro eatery, Mel's Drive-In. I love this place for it's awesome comfort food, it's retro decor and it's friendly waiters and waitresses! But the most interesting element to Mel's is it's rich history, and it's connection to the films American Graffiti and Guess Whose Coming To Dinner! Both of which were filmed at Mel's and which just happen to be two of my very favorite movies!

You know how much I enjoy visiting the sites of where movies and TV have been filmed around the Bay Area, so visiting Mel's Drive-In was a natural choice. My experience was so positive that Mel's may, in fact, end up in more than one of the different photography projects I have planned, but for now, just look at the beautiful light it shines into the night!

And think to yourself... yeah, I could go for some eggs!

Mood: Happy/Inspired

~Me :)

Visit the official website for Mel's Drive-In to peruse their delicious menu, or learn more about the history of their restaurant!

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