Friday, July 25, 2014

The Bathtub Diva Says: "I'm Too Sexy For My Tub"

I spotted the Bathtub Diva one day, about nine years ago, when I was out looking for the odd. I loved he/she straightaway! You see, on that day, nothing seemed to be going right. A disagreement with a friend. I had just fired my therapist. I was feeling restless. George W. Bush was still in office, and I am betting he said something stupid that day! God he got on my nerves! And then along came the Bathtub Diva, sporting a laid back attitude, and a certain unique fashion style! Clearly this diva had it going on, and there was no room for negativity about it!

Yesterday, Thursday, was not a good day. You see, Joey woke me after my having enjoyed just 3 hours sleep. And he woke me not to play mind you, or because he was hungry, no he woke me because he had a slight butt problem called ringworm! As feline afflictions go, ringworm is not the most difficult thing to deal with. One injection by Dr. Barrett and within 24hrs... no more worms. Unfortunately, I couldn't get an appointment yesterday, so later today Alan and I will take Joey, and Dylan in for an injection. 

Hendrix had ringworm last week, and at the time the doctor said there was no reason to bring them all in, if we didn't see any indication of them being affected. Funny, I should have known it would happen, but I was hoping for the best. Oh well, on the bright side, it's not difficult to fix, and Alan received a bonus from work just yesterday morning that will pay for the doctor's visit, and leave a little left over for a new computer! We have been needing one for a while, and now is as good a time as any to get it done.

I will save all the details about the new computer for Sunday's post. Saturday is the next scheduled Round Robin outing. Our subject this time around is, About The Weather!

It's funny how that bad day 9 years ago, with all it's irritations and troubles led to me finding one of my favorite photo opportunities ever! And it's funny how yesterday began so badly, yet ended with everything working out okay, and a new gadget, which is now ordered and on the way, to make life a little easier! While there were other things that couldn't be solved, like the current;y irritating political process, Ted Cruz is a DICK, at least I will soon have an more efficient way to keep up with it! LOL.

Once again it is proven, negativity solves nothing.

I appreciate the Bathtub Diva for reminding me of that!

And Now... Right Said Fred

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~Me :)

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