Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome To Summer :)

"Summer was here again. Summer, summer, summer. I loved and hated summers. Summers had a logic all their own and they always brought something out in me. Summer was supposed to be about freedom and youth and no school and possibilities and adventure and exploration. Summer was a book of hope. That's why I loved and hated summers. Because they made me want to believe."

~Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe.

If it's 3:51 A.M. PST or later, it's officially summer 2014! Finally. I can last another 3 months until autumn comes back to me. I can. Although I seem to have a lot less patience in summer, than in the rest of the seasons combined! Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's the HEAT, lol, who knows? All I know I am ready, really ready, to get back out with the camera and find the sun. Not that it went anywhere, no, I know it was I that went into hiding. But I am okay again, and summer is here. And so are summer nights. I love summer nights. 

Don't you?

And Now, A little music from one of my favorite summer movies, Grease!

Original Release Date: June 16th 1978

Summer Nights

I went to see the movie the day it opened! It was supposed to go for my birthday, which is on June 29th, but I couldn't wait! I had to go the day it opened! And then I also went on my birthday! LOL. God I loved that movie! John Travolta was the celebrity crush of the time! Everyone loved John Travolta, and so did I. He was hot! What seems like yesterday, also seems like forever ago. Time flies, one season at a time!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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jr cline said...

Happy Solstice! Enjoy! 🌞