Saturday, June 07, 2014

Just Like Yesterday, Or 7 Years Ago...

"When anybody asks me what time it is, I always say, "Yesterday, plus 24 hours."

~Jarod Kintz

Some of you reading this post might recognize the graphic above as the template I used for the AOL Journals version of Ellipsis. I think I still have a few readers from that era, but if you discovered me here on Blogger then I now get to give you a glimpse of the early days of my mental blogging meanderings. LOL. AOL Ellipsis was posted to for the first time on August 23rd 2003, and last posted to October 31st 2005, although I had made the trek to Blogger a year earlier, after the ridiculous banner ad drama. I posted my first post here on Wednesday, November 16th, 2005.

Hello Blogsphere...

Remember that show "Suddenly Susan?" The basic premise was that this slightly ditzy girl suddenly finds herself all on her own in the world...and suddenly it all opens up with a lot of previously unforeseen opportunities. Well, after the "Black Tuesday" that AOL just gave to Journal Land, I "suddenly" find myself here. I have a new home. Right now the walls are bare, I haven't met my neighbors, and my furniture hasn't arrived, but it's home. And it's got a great view of the future!

Always, Carly

And that's how I ended up here! At lot has happened since then, I might reflect on those things as we move through the summer, and approach the anniversary of when I began journaling/blogging, August 23rd. There is so much that has happened, that it stuns me when I think about all the changes. Some of them were good for me, others, well, I would give anything if they hadn't happened. But they did, and one learns to deal with them, to make peace with them, and then move on. It's a sink or swim world and one simply has to survive. I curled up in a ball once, and with good reason mind you, but I learned some coping skills from that experience that I carry with me to this day! Hopefully, if I am ever faced with that kind of stress again, I will be able to deal fully with it.

Blogging has done a lot for me. It has been a great catharsis. I don't need to have a million readers. I don't need praise. I don't need to be coddled. All those things are nice, but at the end of the day, I just need a place where I can dispose of what my dear friend Pam called, head noise, that rattles in my mind. The good... and the bad. I have been blessed, because there has been way more good than bad. Way more friends than enemies. Way more happiness than sadness, and way more creativity than lack of it. Yes! I have been, and continue to be, BLESSED.

Can you believe that this summer will mark the 11th year of this blog? Where does time go?

Mood: Happy

~Me :)


Wil said...

Damn! Now that makes more really over the hill. Here's two another 11 years. Skoal!

Shelly said...

Wow, seeing the AOL journal snippet is so odd. I'd forgotten what those journals looked like. I started the Blogspot version of Cyber Chocolate a month or so after starting the AOL version, back in spring 2004 because I couldn't add scripts to my AOL journal and so many of the quizzes used them to show your results. I did a lot of blog quizzes back then. So much has changed over the past decade, but we're still here, so that's something! :)