Friday, January 03, 2014

Warming Trends

"The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm stops stopping."

~Dr Seuss

It's been warm lately, but if you live in the San Francisco East Bay, you already know that! It's been called "unseasonable" and "above average" like it's smart or something. Sigh. If autumn had to leave, because it's the natural thing for it to do, then I would at least like to have a few dreary, dark rainy days to call my own. Instead, not only is autumn no where to be found, but winter seems to have completely given up and skedaddled as well! Not only are there signs of spring everywhere, like blossoms and the sneezing of neighbors, but the aphids have shown up earlier than usual, and they are making a snack of my lovely roses even as I type this post!

 This has been a devastatingly dry year, January 1st to January 1st. And we have been setting records for Spare The Air days as well. The air is cool, but certainly not cold, and the cool air has a brown tinge to it. Blech! It hasn't made me want to venture out to do any photography, but Alan made go with him to San Francisco on January 1st anyway! I had a good time, just like he said I would, but I have to admit, I was still in a soft Spare The Air day funk, wishing for rain. Still, look how beautiful the city was! And Union Square was as lovely as ever!

Union Square
San Francisco, California
January 1st 2014
Late Afternoon/Early Evening

The view of San Francisco from Yerba Buena Island is always gorgeous, especially with the buildings in the downtown and financial districts still wrapped up like pretty holiday packages!

San Francisco, California
January 1st 2014
Early Evening

Oh well. I understand that the northeastern part of the U.S. will be experiencing some heavy snow this weekend, so I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to endure that! But I would love it to be a little colder, and rainy, for the air's sake if nothing else. If things continue the way they are going, we will be in for a possibly devastating fire season in California in 2014! It makes me a bit jittery just thinking about it! But hey, I just checked the 10 outlook for Berkeley, and Intellecast  is predicting showers for January 11th, so, maybe there's hope after all!

But just in case, does anyone want to do a rain dance with me?



Mood: Hopeful

~Me :)

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