Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Boxing Day; But In Our House It's Panini Day!

"I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed, the way I always do the day after Christmas, as if whatever it was the pine boughs, and the candles, and the silver and gilt ribboned presents, and the birch log-fires and the Christmas turkey and the carols at the piano promised never to come again."

~Silvia Plath

I am exhausted. We had a marvelous day of love, and gift giving and getting, and playing with a house full of cats, and one kitten, with way more energy than their human parents, or his feline siblings! I got a brand new panini grill and a pizza oven, plus several jars of different flavored gourmet mustards, so you know what I will be up to for the next few days or so! Don't worry, I will post pictures, and probably the recipes if I come up with something truly new or special! If nothing else, you will learn of my misadventures, because, as you probably already know, 2013 was all about the 
PLAN B in our house!

Stay Tuned!

Mood: Happy But Tired

~Me :)

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