Saturday, December 07, 2013

Egads! I Forgot About The Krampas!

"The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."

~E.E. Cummings

Wow... this month is moving along! We are busy with the new kitten, Joey, and this weekend we are putting up the Christmas tree. That's going to be fun! Just when we got to the point that we could leave the kids home alone... with a fully decorated Christmas tree... what happens? Along comes an unexpected bundle of joy! LOL. We could have sent little Joey to a shelter, or tried to pretend we didn't see him at all, but can you imagine that Karma? Turning away a little one with no place to stay! No, there was no other way to go, but it's working out wonderfully, we are all falling in love with him a little more every minute. Even Hendrix and Dylan have been cordial... so far! A year from now I will be wondering, what was I so worried about? Or... I will remember why it was a good idea to be worried! LOL.

By the way, YIKES, I have been so busy I completely forgot to post my annual warning about Krampas Day, or actually Krampas night! Apparently I have been a good enough girl, as no Krampas has jumped from the shadows to spank me!  LOL. But snow is predicted for the lower hills and peaks around the bay tonight, and who knows, he might be lurking somewhere! So, I am taking no chances, I am in for the night, but come morning, if there is snow on the ground, I will be out in the soft cold snow, doing my best to pretend it doesn't hurt my ancient old bones! LOL. Anyway, here is a pretty nifty podcast I found on YouTube that tells the history of Krampas. Seriously, if you are already tired of all the early Christmas overload, the story of Krampas is a festive, and fun alternative!

 Go Watch It! Then visit their website!


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