Monday, November 25, 2013

The Black Friday Season

"If I had a necklace made out of tiny suns, I'd only wear it at night when you could really see it. Sadly, I don't have a necklace like that. The closest thing I have is a necklace made out of those glow in the dark stars you stick to bedroom ceilings. But I only wear that on special occasions, like bedtime."

~Jarod Kintz, This Is The Best Book I've Ever Written, And It Still Sucks

The time has passes so fast between the end of our vacation, on November 7th and now. So, I guess that pretty much means, I am having more fun now, then I did on vacation, or... no wait... YES... I am having more fun now then I did on vacation! LOL. It's not that every minute of our vacation was lousy, but when you go out for a day and come home to a crappy neighbor, well, it can knock the wind out of one's sails. You know? And now, since Donny and Nina have moved, even the stormy, windy days are amazingly beautiful again! But then again, I always did enjoy a nice, dark, gloomy day, with rain pattering on the roof, and some insistent cuddling by my cats!

Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and Alan is doing a major amount of overtime! That means lots of time to myself, time to do things like cooking, and photography, and looking up juicy dirt on wacky celebrities on the Internet! Oh, and politics... one of my very favorite pursuits! And I will more than likely be doing all those things, plus scoping out the best Black Friday sales, being held on Thanksgiving this year! I don't usually partake of the sales on Black Friday, Alan and I like to go to Union Square, in San Francisco, order something delicious like Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino, and watch other people go crazy spending money! But this year, in that we won't get to have Thanksgiving morning, or Black Friday the way we traditionally do, I think I might join the Black Friday crazies, if the price is right!

A change of pace is a good thing once in a while!

And to make it all a little more special.... rain is predicted for later in the week, just in time for the holiday and the aftermath! I love putting on my Jersey Housewife coat (it's faux leopard don't worry) and my wool mittens, my warmer than warm scarf, and my suede boots and hitting a good sale! Gosh, how I miss my Jersey Housewife coat in the summer. :( But the real joy comes when I finally get home, and the house is quiet, except for the rain outside and the heater warming the house, and the cats chattering to the birds in the tree outside the window. And oh how dark the clouds make the day perfect! Sunshine is so common, the dark is where everything looks new, and different. You can think in the quiet. I love a dark rainy day!

:) Black Friday has become a season all it's own!

See those leaves, they are actually more of a pastel pink, and a subtle mauve. But at night, they transform into the earthy brown color you see. Funny how different things look in the dark.

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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