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October 30th 2013 + Art About Town: San Francisco, "Cupid's Span"

"Bridges are America's cathedrals."


Yesterday, Wednesday, was the last day of our vacation. THANK GOD! Honestly, it wasn't the most restful vacation I have ever had. There seemed to be one stupid thing happening after another, starting with the very first day... well... the second day actually. But it was the 1st. of October. The month of October is now ours annually. Alan has worked long enough, and saved enough personal holidays, that we can now have a whole month to play in. Ordinarily it is a dream, but this last vacation had it's moments, both good and bad. For now, I am concentrating on the good. On the 13th, we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, and it was amazing!

Other good moments included... A lovely Twilight Dinner Cruise on the San Francisco Bay! It was a dream! Very casual, but lovely and relaxing all the same. There was a live musical performer, and the dinner was a light buffet of sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, and fresh warm cookies, plus a full bar. In that we were driving over from the East Bay, we didn't drink, but we didn't need to, it was so relaxing, we felt the stress just drift away!

Other Things That Went Right...

1.We had a great Halloween. I was a Rubber Duck, and Alan was Uncle Si, from Duck Dynasty.

2. We spend 2 days at Pier 39 playing at the 7-D Experience, shooting zombies! What? ... don't laugh!

3. The pain in the ass neighbors, Donny & Nina (not their real names) moved, and took their barking dog with them! There is a minor bit of negativity to share about that, but sometime later. Stay Tuned.

4. We took our yearly ride on the Ride The Ducks tour, and of course, it was terrific fun!

6. Alan and I engaged in a little shopping therapy! FUN!

7. Alan and engaged in a 24hr marathon of the Walking Dead. Spread out over 4 days! LOL.

And, of course, I got to do some photography... at will. No schedules. And of all of the things I photographed, the Bay Bridge ended up being one of my favorite subjects yet again! Purely by coincidence, I happened to be able to photograph the bridge in a special way, 2 years in a row, on October 30th. In 2012 it was while on an aerial tour of the San Francisco Bay. This year, it was while we were driving along the Embarcadero, while in the Duck amphibious vehicle.

Here is the link for last year... October 30th 2012
*Originally Posted November 2nd, 2012

And Here Is This Year's Gallery...

And Finally...

Art About Town: San Francisco, "Cupid's Span."

"Cupid's Span"
By Artists, Claes Oldenburg And Coosje van Bruggen
San Francisco Embarcadero
October 30th 2013

You knew I would sneak in some Public Art... right? It's a good shot, but I want to do better, so I am going back later this month to do a more in-depth photo of this piece. In fact, there is a lot of fun stuff coming up... Stay Tuned! The holidays in the Bay Area are nothing short of magical!

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Wow! That thing must be huge! Even bigger than Tucson's rattlesnake bridge, methinks!