Saturday, November 02, 2013


"A few days ago, I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made. The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air."

~Eric Sloane


Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Hey look... at tree with leaves on it! Autumn leaves! 

So Long Donny And Nina (Not Their Real Names)

LOL. Why does everything look more lovely when one is completely relaxed? I am completely relaxed right now because my nasty neighbor has finally moved out! No more yappy dog barking at 3:00 AM. No more mean spirited remarks made by them as I walk by. No more having to listen to the two love birds call each other ASSHOLE. No more someone trying to turn neighbor against neighbor. After 4 long years of almost solid tension... Calm. Quiet. Peace.

NO-Assholish Behavior
NO-Door Slamming 


Mood: Thrilled. Grinning Ear To Ear

~Me :)


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