Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

"Shopping Tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley."


CHARGE IT! LOL. Well, okay, sure, why not? I am kidding... kinda. I did a little shopping last night, after our turkey dinner. It actually felt good to walk off dinner, and get some fresh air, and besides, I recently upgraded my Old Navy credit card, so I had some points to use! And, then, quite by accident mind you, I was approved for a brand, spanking new, MACY*S and Bloomingdales card! How was I approved accidentally? 

Funny story! You see, last year I thought it would be fun to apply for a MACY*S card, after years of not having one. I got rid of most of my department store cards a while back, when I realized I didn't really use them after I got my Visa card. Alan and I make most of our purchases together, so carrying around all those cards just seemed risky. But last year, in a fit of nostalgia, MACY*S was my first credit card, I decided to get one.

Unfortunately... I wasn't good enough for them!

I don't understand why... my credit is perfect. I pay my bills and live within my means, yet somehow, I wasn't their kind of shopper! Maybe that was the problem... I live within my means? Oh, who knows, maybe the stars simply weren't aligned just right. Shrug. But yesterday, while the turkey was cooking, I got a little bored and applied just for the rejection. How come you never get rejected when you want to? LOL. As soon as the website said, Congratulations... you are now a MACY*S cardholder, I looked for the, Hey wait I changed my mind," button but there wasn't one! Imagine that! I only got the Bloomingdales card, to see if the MACY*S card had been a lark! But apparently not, they like me now too... they really like me!

So, later today, after Alan gets off work, we are going to Union Square in San Francisco and watch other people spend money... oh and the ice skaters... oh and the lighting of the Christmas tree... oh and the menorah... Happy 3rd Night of Hanukkah! 

Tis the season!

Black Friday isn't a day anymore, it's a season! So, how about you, it's Black Friday, do you know where your bargains are?

Mood: Silly

Note: The silly girl in the graphic is clip art from a nifty photo editing site called Ribbet. But the bags she is carrying, and the VISA card are courtesy of Alan, he is so good at drawing stuff for me! I love that guy!

~Me :)

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