Friday, October 18, 2013

Do I Spy With My Little Eye, Sky Ghosts Or Jellyfish?

"We pledge to fight blue-sky thinking wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at at cloudless monotony day after day."

~Gavin Pretir-Pinney, The Cloudspotter's Guide

The sky was filled with beautiful clouds the other day, but I couldn't make up my mind if they looked more like ghosts or jellyfish!

What do you think? 


"Maybe all the people who say ghosts don't exist are just afraid to admit that they do."

~Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

Or Jellyfish?

Jellyfish are 97% water or something, so how much are they doing? Just give them another 3% and make them water. It's more useful."

~Karl Pilkington

Please, if you like, share your thoughts in the comment thread. Tell me all about it!

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~Me :)

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