Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Betwixt And Between

"Be hole, be dust, be dream, be wind. Be night, be dark, be wish, be mind. Now slip, now slide, now move unseen. Above, beneath, betwixt, between."

~Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

The trees are beginning to show their autumn color. It's like they are as done with this summer as I am. Fortunately, in a month, September 22nd, at 10:29 P.M. EDT, to be exact, it will be officially autumn, but I think I am already there!

It's kinda feeling a bit spooky too! Yesterday we had a pretty awesome lighting show around the Bay Area. No thunder... just lots of lightning. We don't get that very often, maybe once a year at the most, so it was nice to sit outside, with no worry about getting rained on, and watch the fireworks.

I snapped a few photos to see if I could capture the lightning, but no, I wasn't quite quick enough. But I did manage to capture the above photo. It's kinda spooky. I know I must have somehow caught some random light source, but for the life of me, I don't know how?

We have no lights like that, and I don't remember any lights shining as the photo was taken. So, is it a perfectly matched set of common orbs? Or is it the kind of orbs attached to spirit photography? I don't have any idea, but the speculation is a lot of fun! Halloween, after all, is my favorite holiday!


Here ghostie, ghostie, ghostie!

"It's easier to dismiss ghosts in the daylight."

 ~Patricia Briggs, Dragon Bones

Mood: Silly

~Me :)

NOTE: After checking my folder, I found that this photo was taken last Saturday, and not Monday of this week. There were similar weather conditions on both days. Late afternoon overcast, and random lightning. 


Call me Paul said...

Were you shooting through a window?

Carly said...

Hi Paul :)

So good to hear from you! :) Nope. I was in the yard, photographing the clouds. It happened this past Saturday afternoon. We have had some unstable weather lately, so I am putting it down to that. Digital photography goes a bit wacky sometimes I guess.